Delivery questions

1. Could I specify the time for my delivery?

It really depends on the place where you would like flowers to be delivered.

Our standard delivery time for major Canadian cities is 9 am – 7 pm.

If you would like your flowers to be delivered within a specific time range you will be able to pick the right option during checkout.

4 options available:

– AM delivery

– Business hours delivery (before 3.30 pm)

– after 5 PM delivery

– Standard delivery (9am – 7pm)

Those options are not available everywhere in Canada. If this is the case we will contact you during the next 2 business hours after your order placed.

! We never can guarantee the exact delivery time.

2. Do you deliver the Same day?

Yes, we do.

Same day delivery available in all major Canadian cities and usually in small towns as well

Regular cut off time for the same-day delivery is 2 pm (local time)

If we are unable to provide you with the same day delivery we will contact you during the next 2 business hours for a resolution.

3. Do you deliver on Saturdays?

We do deliver on Saturdays in all major Canadian cities and usually in small towns as well.

However, in some areas, we don’t deliver on Saturday.

If you will pick Saturday delivery for the area where this option is unavailable we will contact you during 2 business hours after you placed an order.

4. Do you deliver on Sundays?

Currently, we don’t deliver on Sundays except of Ottawa city.

5. Where do you deliver?

Almost anywhere!

Our logistic model helps us to cover with the Same or Next day delivery territory where 95% Canadians lives.

If we are unable to deliver flowers to the specified area you will be contacted during the next 2 business hours after order placed.

6. Who is doing deliveries for you?

In major Canadian cities, we have our own contract drivers.

For rural areas or areas which we don’t cover with our own drivers, we use Major courier services to make sure that your order will be delivered in time every time.

When we ship your order with courier company we use our super safe Shipping packages to prevent damages of your product during transportation. All flowers are moisturized during transportation.

If the same day delivery required for the area where we do not deliver with own fleet then we use Local FTD members to fulfill the order.

7. How can I check the status of my delivery?

Unfortunately, currently, we don’t provide with automatic live updates regarding delivery of your products.

If you would like to know the status of your order please don’t hesitate to contact us. Click Here for Contact Us Information

8. Could I change the delivery date?

You can change delivery date or delivery time range after you placed your order up to 24 hours prior delivery date. In other cases, we can’t guarantee that your request will be proceeded.

9. What do you do if a Person is not available at the moment of delivery?

Residential: Driver makes decision at the moment of delivery. If weather conditions and neighborhoods are fine then they leave flowers on the porch or in a safe area.

In other case drivers allowed to leave flowers with the neighbors. In this case, noticed will be left on the door of where the recipient can pick up their flowers.

If driver do not feel comfortable to leave flowers, then they will be returned to the store and we will contact the recipient to schedule a delivery. Be advised that in this case Redelivery Fee of 10CAD apply and will be charged to your credit card automatically.

Business: In most of the cases delivery is going to the Reception desk. We are always asking Receptionist to notify Recipient about delivery.

Please specify that the delivery address is a business during checkout in the comments field. We are kindly advised to select Business hours delivery option during checkout to prevent delivery after the business is closed. If this is the case, The Redelivery Fee of 10 CAD will be automatically charged to your credit card.

10. Is delivery Free?

Unfortunately, nothing is free in this world.

We just trying to be fair with the customer and we letting them see the Full picture of the product price until proceeding to checkout.

However Free is only our Standard delivery option which is available for major Canadian cities only between 9 am and 7 pm.

If you would like to specify the delivery time range then you will need to pay a small additional fee.

11. What if my delivery is late?

We are really trying hard to meet all our customer’s requests.

However, things happened and we can fail with the delivery of your order in time.

1. We never guarantee the exact time of delivery.

2. If we didn’t meet the time range you specified during checkout please contact us and Delivery Fee will be reimbursed.

3. If we failed with delivery on specified date please contact us for the resolution.

12. Can I cancel my order anytime?

Yes, but a cancellation fee of $10.00 applies.

Products questions

1. Does your product looks exactly as on picture?


Every arrangement is unique as it’s done individually by one of our Floral Designer. However, they are all following recipes and design guidelines to make sure that you will get what you selected and paid for.

Sometimes substitution for some flowers in arrangement could be required by seasonal or availability reason. In this case we substitute initial flower by another one which gonna fit arrangement nicely and has similar or higher value.

Be advised that all pictures on the web site have been modified with professional design software to looks in an optimal way on the web site.

As a Leading Floral company in Canada, it is our interest to have you fully satisfied with the final product as we would like to see you back and bringing your friends and family.

2. Are flowers coming with the vase?

Yes, for every arrangement where you see a vase on a product picture.

No, for arrangements where you don’t see a vase on the picture.

3. Are your flowers coming arranged?

90% of arrangements are coming arranged in the way you see it on the picture.

However in case if we are using Courier service to deliver your product you flowers are coming arranged but separately from vase (as we are not allowed to transfer liquid).  In this scenario, flower stems are gently packed with FRESH BAG which keeps flowers moisturized during transportation and vase coming gently packed with our Super Safe Shipping Package.

4. What is the product Upgrade?

If you like the style of the arrangement but would like to make it bigger to make an even better impression then Upgrades are for you.

To understand How your arrangement will looks upgraded:

Deluxe – the same vase but approximately 25-35% more flowers

Premium1 – bigger vase and approximately 50% more flowers

On the picture, you see the product for Standard price.

5. What if I don’t know what to Order?

In this case please use our DESIGNER CHOICE option

Please select Designer Choice option according to your budget and during checkout in the “Comments”  field please advise us if you have any color, flowers, etc preferences.

6. What if I’m not happy with the final product?

Customer satisfaction is our main priority!

If you are not fully satisfied with the final product please Contact us to discuss it with our Customer Service Manager.

7. Do you guarantee the quality of your product?

Yes, we do!

Every arrangement from us covered with 5 days freshness guarantee!

However average lifetime of flowers from us 7 to 10 days!

Unfortunately, some times flowers can die faster by many reason. If this is the case please Contact Us to arrange replacement delivery or to find another solution.

About us and Other questions

1. Are you a real Florist?

Yes, we are!

With our own floral studios in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and  Edmonton we provide superb quality products and we deliver it all over the Canada.

2. What is your Hours of operations?

Our Call center is open 24/7!

However, Head office and Customer Support department are open Mon-Fri  9 am – 5 pm.

3. Do you do Weddings?

Yes, we do!

Please Contact Us to discuss your wedding flowers ideas or to arrange an appointment.

4. Do you sell flowers in Bulk?

Yes, we do.

Please visit canaflorawholesale.ca to get a quote.

5. Where do you get your flowers from?

As a leading Canadian floral company, we work directly with Growers all over the world.

Support of Canadian growers is our priority but due to weather conditions, we have to import some products from South America, USA, Australia, Europe or Africa.

6. Do you hire?

We are always glad to hear from Floral designers in major Canadian cities or from customer support, sales, and marketing peoples in Ottawa

If you would like to provide services for CanaFlora please e-mail us [email protected]

7. Where is the head office of CanaFlora?

We are 100% owned and operated Canadian company with head office in National Capital – Ottawa.

For all media, sponsorship or other inquiries please e-mail us: [email protected]

Our mailing address is:


18-5330 Canotek road

Ottawa, ON, K1J 9C3

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