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Canaflora Terms and Conditions

What’s a Canaflora.ca?

Canaflora.ca is an umbrella company for many different local florists across Canada. You can read more about who we are in our “About us” section, but what you need to know is that we’re a pretty awesome flower delivery company.

By placing an order with us or one of our local florists, be it on our website or over the phone, you’re agreeing to the below policies. Read on!

Delivery policy


To calculate your delivery charges, go to your product of choice, enter your postal code and desired delivery date into the calculator—the system will give you all available options for that day. Simple!


We do our best to deliver every possible order, but some consequences are beyond our control.

If incorrect info was provided or the recipient was unavailable at the time we were told to deliver, Canaflora will have to charge a redelivery fee of $10. Because we don’t keep your credit card on file, we will give you a call, explain the situation, and find out your desired course of action.

You can either tell us a better time to deliver, for a $10 charge or cancel the order altogether. If you decide on the latter, we will charge you a $10 cancellation fee.

However, if we missed the delivery through fault of our own, please contact our customer service as soon as possible, and a solution unique to your situation will be reached.

Weather conditions

Flowers are pretty but delicate things—if it’s too hot or too cold outside, they die quickly. Because of this, we can’t leave flowers at the door in the winter and sometime during the summer. We ask you to ensure the recipient will be home at the time of delivery.

Rural deliveries

For rural deliveries, we use FedEx—a fantastic courier. If the recipient isn’t home and the temperature doesn’t allow us to leave the flowers at the door, FedEx will come back the next available delivery day.

Timed deliveries

If you pay extra for a timed delivery, we do our very best to make it on time. If we absolutely cannot make it because of unforeseen consequences (these usually include accidents on the road causing horrible traffic) we will contact you right away and refund you the amount you paid.


Canaflora will close during stat holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, etc. You will be unable to make orders for those days. Thanks for understanding, we need our sleep too!

For holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, we suggest you place your orders ahead of time. We may stop taking orders at any time during a really busy day to make sure we can serve everyone well.

Delivery confirmations

Delivery confirmations will be sent out at the end of each business day for every delivered order. If you want to know the exact status of your order before the delivery confirmations are sent out, feel free to email customer service with the subject line “Order status request.”

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

If you read our “About us” section, you know that Canaflora puts its customers on a pedestal.  That being said, we’re only human and mistakes happen to the best of us. We analyze and interpret every mistake to try to make sure it doesn’t happen again, but if something does come up, we will gladly leave you 100 percent satisfied, guaranteed.

Quality issues

Flowers are a very gentle product, meaning they can get damaged easily during transportation. If you have an issue with the design or quality of the flowers, please contact our customer service. They will offer you one of the following options:

1.     Return and refund. If you’re not satisfied with the product, feel free to return it within three days of delivery and we will refund you as soon as we receive the product.

2.     Redelivery. If you don’t like the flowers you got but still want what you paid for, we will get our florists to put together a brand new, fresh arrangement and ship it out as soon as possible. We will pick up the flowers you didn’t like and you will be left with the fresh bouquet.

3.     Future discount. If the flowers aren’t exactly what you ordered, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of pick-ups and deliveries, we can give you a hefty discount for a future order. Not only will you be keeping the flowers you got already, but your next bouquet will be nearly free and we will take extra special care to let you know the mistake we made was a one-time incident.

Typically, we will not offer both a refund and a resend.  Where flowers have been damaged we will normally ask for them to be returned or for photographs clearly showing the problem so we can use them to determine what is going wrong with our system, and to claim compensation if possible from our courier.  It is important that we are contacted as soon as possible regarding issues. 

Substitution policy

There are millions of flowers in the world and as much as we love every single one, our fridge just won’t fit them all. Some flowers, like tulips and peonies, are seasonal and we can’t get, while others we run out of. Unforeseen circumstances could compromise the type of stock we carry, and some minor substitutions may occur. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of our business.

However, if a major substitution has to take place, like color or type of a dominant flower in the arrangement, we will ask you first—after all, no two people have the exact same taste. We will usually try you on both the email and the phone number provided.

We understand that timing is everything when giving gifts, so if we can’t reach you before the delivery takes place, we will send out the flowers at our own digression. Usually, these substituted flowers won’t be common allergies, like lilies, and won’t have major differences in color, like using orange roses instead of yellow.

We ask you to be understanding toward substitutions, and will assume your consent if we could not reach you in time. If there are any flowers you absolutely do not want us to use, please say so during the takeout process.

Information change

People aren’t statues. If you’re planning a surprise for your recipient and they unexpectedly moved locations after you placed the order, you will have to contact us directly to make a change. We ask you to contact us as soon as you know about the change so we can update the information in our system. We do not guarantee the ability to make the change, as, depending on when you call, the flowers could already be out on delivery.

When you contact us regarding and information change, please label your email as urgent or call our customer service directly.

Duplicate orders

If we notice that two identical bouquets have been ordered, we may remove one, refunding the cost, if we believe it to have been ordered by mistake.  In such circumstances, we will attempt to contact the customer but if it is urgent and they cannot be reached, we may make the call ourselves.  You consent to our having the freedom to make this decision when you purchase through our website.

Fraudulent orders

If we believe that an order may be fraudulent in nature, for whatever reason, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the funds.  We are under no obligation to reveal why we believe the order to be fraudulent.  We will co-operate with the police regarding any criminal investigations.  We reserve the right to refuse to serve customers, block their IP addresses from accessing our website and any other blocking or fraud prevention measures we feel may be necessary to implement from time to time.

Code of conduct

Our employees will do their absolute best to resolve any issues you may have or just to brighten your day. We ask you to act respectfully toward us as well. Canaflora will not tolerate any abusive behavior toward employees. If you act abusively, we reserve the right to terminate the partnership between you and our company.

Personal information

We will not sell or reveal your personal information to outside sources unless ordered by law. Additionally, we do not keep your payment information on file to minimize the chances of fraudulent activity. We reserve the right to email you promotions and special offers if you provide your information. You may opt-out at any time.

In return, we ask you to accurately provide all your information—we don’t ask for anything we don’t need.

If you have any concerns about your privacy, customer service will be happy to answer all your questions.

Other questions

I did my best to address everything, but if I left you with more questions than answers, our fantastic and experienced customer service agents will answer any questions I didn’t think of. Thanks so much for reading until the very end and happy shopping!

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